Things that Make a Biker Wallet Biker

Most wallets look alike. Biker wallets, however, stand out against the crowd. Their color, patterns, and even functionality differ from cookie-cutter counterparts. Let’s take a closer at the things that make biker wallets different.

Original Patterns

Over the course of its short but event-packed history, the motorcycle community has developed its own distinct collection of symbols. Some of them are directly related to the motorcycle lifestyle. Another group borrows imagery from world religions and systems of beliefs but gives it a new meaning. Crosses, Aztec gods, Indian deities – here are just a few examples of the symbols of this type. One more extensive group is skull symbols. Did you know that riders consider skulls to be their patron saints? Along with traditional skulls, this category features sugar skulls, the skulls of famous persons and characters (such as Bob Marley or Jack Sparrow), punk skulls, animal skulls, cross and bones aka Jolly Roger, and more. The symbols of freedom (such as eagles), courage and rebellion (Iron Cross), speed and adrenaline (flames) are worth mentioning as well. These and a handful of other images can be seen on biker wallets.

Extensive Color Range

Biker wallets exist in predominantly black, gray, and brown finishes, but, at the same time, they take advantage of much bolder options. Teal, tobacco, cherry, terracotta – these and many other colors are available when you hunt down a wallet designed for motorcyclists. Of course, some of these colors are part of unique patterns (appliqués, tooling, quilting…). Still, biker accessories get to be pretty colorful without compromising their masculinity.

Cool Detailing

Bikers enjoy going large and loud in everything, and wallets are no exception. When getting your hands on an authentic wallet, you can expect a bunch of cool details – oversize zippers, silver clasps, contrast stitching, and much more. Most of these nice touches have something to do with a wallet’s functionality (for instance, they enhance durability or make a wallet easier to use.).

Compact Yet Highly Functional

Motorcyclists prefer to carry their wallets in a jeans pocket to have easy access at all times. This means a wallet should be pretty compact to rest in a pocket. At the same time, you never know what you may need while on a ride, so it makes sense to keep all the essentials close at hand. To do so, one needs a pretty roomy wallet. Compact yet roomy – sounds like a paradox, yet biker wallets are surprisingly good at combining seemingly incompatible things.

The majority of these wallets are either bi-fold or tri-fold to be on the smaller side. Their thickness, however, is increased, but that’s because they have to accommodate a variety of slots, compartments, and pockets. A standard wallet would provide a few card slots, a compartment for bills, a clear ID window, some even have coin pockets. Surely, there are more generous and more modest models, but the essence of biker wallet designs is a small size that can hold a lot.

Wallets and Chains

As we have already said, bikers wear their wallets in a pocket. This is not the most secure way to keep your money at arm’s length. Luckily, there is a solution to prevent a loss, and it literally ties a wallet to its owner. One just needs a wallet chain. These chains are made of stainless steel, brass, and some fancier models offer sterling silver. Leather chains are available as well, although they are rather cords or braids made of narrow strips of leather. One of the ends of such a piece is attached to a belt or belt loop. The other end goes through a wallet via a special grommet. Yeah, biker wallets are well-thought to be worn the way you’d like to wear them.

Durability is Number One Priority

Bikers don’t really follow fashion trends. They stick to the same fashion that existed 50 years ago, and even earlier. A wallet that once belonged to the pocket of your grandpa will do nicely at the present time since not much has changed in the design department. So, when buying a wallet, motorcycle enthusiasts keep durability in mind. Without it, they wouldn’t be able to pass it down to future generations.

The overwhelming majority of such billfolds are made of genuine leather because other options are short-lived. Some prefer versatile and soft cowhide leather, others enjoy exotic leathers (crocodile, ostrich, snake, etc.), not only because they are badass but also because they are tough. If you’d like to know which leather is the best, our answer is stingray. While having a luxurious bead-like texture, it is a champion in the wear and tear resistance category. One more option to consider is ostrich. It has a lot to offer in terms of aesthetics, plus it is very soft, supple, and full of natural oils ensuring waterproof and crack-proof properties.

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