One of the undisputed world champions of Cultural Diplomacy and Cross-cultures is Mosi Dorbayani, a Canadian award-winning scholar, author and executive adviser. 

As an Economist, educated at Harvard University, with passion for arts and culture, he is not only a pioneer in co-operative enterprises economy since early 90s, but also the developer, and a long-time practitioner of ‘Coadunate Economic Model (CEM)’ for Socioeconomic impact since 2005.

Mosi Dorbayani defines his practice-based model as: “a unique strategic concept and practice that catalyzes Business Economics, Talent Management, Cross-cultures (arts & creative industry) and Philanthropy to impact Socioeconomic in an emerging multi-polar world.”

Mosi Dorbayani’s Coadunate Economic Model

According to Mosi: “from economics point of view, cultural sector is already a dynamic factor of economic activities and employment – especially in North America and Europe. Cultural activities often facilitate promotion of social inclusion, diversity and contribute to the reduction of physical and mental poverty. Creative entrepreneurs, artists, writers, performers and vibrant cultural industries are unique sources of innovation for the future sustainability. This potential should be recognized even further, and fully explored by both cultural practitioners and government agencies.  

Utilizing the full potential of culture can help build a more inclusive and fairer world, in which, innovation, creativity, sustainability and growth could be realized for all. Culture promotes active citizenship and intercultural dialogue within a nation and across the globe. It can empower people and facilitate social cohesion. It brings people and communities closer together, includes refugees and other migrants, and helps people feel related. Culture and creative industry have the power to improve lives, transform communities, generate jobs and growth, and influence other sectors of economy.”

About Mosi Dorbayani

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