How To Incorporate Pink Into Any Room Of The Home

From blush to millennial, the color pink has been a major interior design trend in recent years. There’s a reason for this— it’s fun, feminine, and makes a big design impact, whether it’s an accent wall or an entire room filled with pink furniture and decor. Unlike neutrals or earth tones, pink is always a bold choice.

While it’s easy for most people to add a subtle pops of pink, making a dramatic impact with the color takes a little more knowledge. Still, from bedrooms to bathrooms and even kitchens, it’s possible to incorporate pink into every room of the home. Here are the best tips, tricks, and inspiration to make any home a pink home.

Pink Is The New Natural 

Famed interior designer Robert Novogratz tells me, “Pink is ultimately the new neutral.” So it can be paired with a range of colors. “A light shade of pink works with most everything. We think of it as a more colorful white! Pink decor can be whimsical, classic, soothing, or the focal point of a room,” he says.

Novogratz recently launched a line of pink storage lockers including tall lockers, shorter side table lockers and double lockers. “For storage, a pink locker anywhere in your house is subtle, yet still a way to add color. And it doesn’t scream utilitarian.” 

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In The Kitchen

There are very few DIYers that have found a way to make pink and fun as inviting as Katie Mack, who is known for her Instagram and Tiktok accounts, Candy Colored Home. One of Mack’s most lauded DIYs is her pink kitchen. “I love a pink kitchen! It feels so retro and fun,” she tells me. “I truly feel that the kitchen is the heart of the home and should feel extra welcoming and inviting for your guests. Pink is such a joyful color and appliances are a great way to add in pops of color if you aren’t quite ready to commit to a full color overhaul.” 

Pink cabinets, as seen in Mack’s kitchen are an achievable look for most. “If you want a more dramatic change and you’re ready to paint, you don’t have to paint your entire kitchen pink. I went with a peachy pink color on my lower kitchen cabinets and the back wall and left my upper cabinets and ceiling white to give it a light, airy and open feel.”

Novogratz suggests the opposite, opting for pink appliances instead. “If you want pink as more of a focal point in the room, we have designed homes with more saturated pink appliances, ranges, and refrigerators, and it still fits in well with stainless and white porcelain.”

SMEG is known for their retro-style pink appliances both large such as the refrigerators shown here as well as smaller like toasters and blenders which add fun pops of pink to any kitchen. 

Pink Bathrooms

In addition to a pink kitchen, Mack has a pink bathroom. “I took it from a boring grey and white space to a pink paradise! I hand-painted and stenciled the grey cement tiles to a beautiful Calypso pattern by Royal Stencils with shades of light and dark pinks. I wallpapered the wall in the Pink and Mauve Tawny mural by Anewall Decor and painted the adjoining wall and built-in cabinets mauve as well. We added a pink clawfoot tub by Vintage Tub and that really tied the space together! Because we stuck to the same hue throughout, it feels very cohesive and makes a large impact in a small space!”

But pink bathrooms don’t necessarily need to be whimsical. For a more contemporary look to modern look, consider hanging wallpaper such as Neighbors in Shell by Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams X Eskayel. 

Pink Bedrooms 

Wallpaper is also a beautiful choice for bedrooms. Peel and stick wallpaper, such as Bird Watching by Tempaper is easy to DIY and adds a traditional touch. It perfectly compliments neutral furniture and linens. The large scale of the pattern also makes it perfect for an accent wall.   

Not into patterns? Consider paint such as Behr Sunwashed Brick S180-2. Like candy for the wall, it makes this cute girls’ room look even sweeter. This color could also work in a living room.

Textiles can be a great addition to a pink bedroom as seen in this apartment at 100 Barclay Street in Tribeca. Although this building is modern, these curtains add a truly contemporary touch. The coordinating pink art and pillows further tie in the color.

Still, the easiest way to add pink to a bedroom is with pink linens such as this Bella Notte Linen Duvet Cover from Payne’s Gray. It brings femininity without being too frilly, especially with a white farmhouse or black iron bed. 

Pink In The Living Room

Pink sofas are a trend that isn’t going away any time soon. Mack went bold with both a pink sofa and pink coffee table.

However, if a living room is mostly neutral and making it over entirely isn’t an option, going with a pink rug such as the Loloi Masai Zebra Hooked Rug from Paynes Gray can be a smart idea. It creates an interesting f0cal point. The, add pink decor to intensify the effect.

Hue Is Important

Because pink makes such an impact, Mack suggests choosing shades wisely before clicking add to cart. “I think one of the most important things to consider is choosing the right shade of pink. Colors to me equal mood and vibe and you first have to figure out what mood you want to give off. I tend to lean towards pastels and earthy hues like terracotta, peach, and mauve. I find them to be very soothing colors that energize, inspire and uplift without feeling chaotic.”

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