Today’s ‘Wordle’ Word Of The Day Answer #248: Tuesday, February 22nd

It’s Tuesday. It’s looking like snowfall is coming. Winter is doing its thing at last, though we only have one more month of the season left before spring rushes in. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for another Wordle.

I have a hint and the answer below. The viral word puzzle sensation continues to cast its powerful spell over the hearts and minds of people across the globe, inspiring copycats and imitators and plenty of clever twists on the formula. Each day, we have a new puzzle to solve and each day I show you how I solved mine and give you a hint to help you on your path.

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Today’s Wordle Answer

As per usual, we won’t hand out today’s answer without a healthy spoiler warning. Reading further you’ll come to both a hint, followed by the solution to today’s puzzle. You’ve been warned!

The hint: Willow Ufgood changed his name to this.

And the answer is . . . .

You may have seen the George Lucas / Ron Howard film Willow back in the day. It’s a somewhat divisive film, but I love it to pieces. It’s one of those movies I can watch over and over and over again and never get tired of it.

Well, fewer people know that a trilogy of fantasy novels was released later on written by Chris Claremont and George Lucas. In those books, right in the beginning, Willow Ufgood takes a new name: Thorn Drumheller. I won’t spoil anything else about the books in case you decide to read them (here’s the first one).

So that’s the explanation behind my hint. I had mixed feelings about the novels—they’re a pretty major departure in tone and feel from the film, and quite trippy and confusing, but I’m glad I read them. There’s also a new show coming to Disney Plus which I’m very excited about, though as with all new shows—like The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power—I check my excitement with healthy skepticism.

As for my guessing process on this one, BROIL popped into my head for absolutely no reason and ended up being a pretty good starting word this time around (I never use the same word twice—that’s boring!) From here, STORM seemed like a good choice, since ‘R’ often follows ‘O’ and, lo and behold, this got OR into the green and a ‘T’.

Admittedly, I didn’t think ABORT would be the word, but I wanted to see if ‘T’ was a finisher or a starter. From here, with ‘T’ as the first letter I pretty quickly came to THORN, though I suppose there are probably some other options as well. And that was that!

I hope your week is off to a good start, my dearest Wordlers. I feel a bit more upbeat this week than last for no particular reason. Maybe it’s the dream of spring.

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