Superfood Brand Identity Launches New Food Item, A CBD-Infused Bone Broth

Just in time for the holidays and winter, superfood brand Identity is bringing a new food item to market, a CBD-infused bone broth. For those who might tend to indulge during the holiday season, this dish could be an effective alternative for excessive alcohol intake as well as a pre-emptive measure for hangovers.

This beggars the question: Why fuse CBD with a convention food staple, such as bone broth? Solvi Barber, CEO of Identity International, offered this answer: “CBD is a natural part of the future of food and has so many qualities that we see as an important part of our daily diet,” she said. “Our Bone Broth is a delicious and highly nutritious product that can be enjoyed as a soup or added to any soup.”

The Mercer Island, Washington-based company’s Bone Broth is not the brand’s first foray into the realm of unconventional food. Identity recently launched a CBD coffee creamer a couple of months ago.

Barber freely acknowledges the combination of CBD with bone broth deviates from the norm or rather the limited parameters of public expectation. “Identity’s CBD infused bone broth (and coffee creamer) are unconventional food in the sense that they are not typically infused with CBD,” she said. “The public is familiar with CBD gummies, face products, and even chocolate, however, you would not expect CBD to be infused in highly nutritious food products you can find at your local grocery store.”


A dry powder mix, the Identity Bone Broth is available in three flavors: chicken, chanterelle mushroom and ginger ramen. According to a news release announcing the launch, the product “uses a patented process that gently extracts the best nutrients from poultry bones.” The bone broth is a non-GMO product, made with no hormones, no antibiotics and “easy to digest” protein.

In addition to soup, the bone broth can be added to gravy, sauces and any kind of CBD-infused holiday meal.

Identity Bone Broth is priced at $5.98 for a single serving. To find out more about the product, click here.

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