If you missed the train of opportunities of the last 10 years of your life, it is not your fault, you were not informed and prepared. Luckily for you, the ecological cab of the financial revolution is parked at your door. This vehicle made for you, will drive you to invest easily through tokenization, to raise your dreams and to protect our environment.

How is this possible?

Take a few minutes of your time to read the following lines because along the way, I will explain very simply what is tokenization and especially how KALIZA through its project of tokenization of cabs in Colombia, will lead you to a destination of financial freedom.


Since 2009, the world has experienced a real upheaval in the economic sector with the advent of Bitcoin and blockchain. In fact, a blockchain allows to store and transmit information securely between individuals (without the intervention of intermediaries). The information is engraved in native coins (bitcoin for example) of the corresponding blockchain, and it is these coins that are exchanged between individuals.

So I hope you follow!

Considering the complexity and the big means necessary to set up a blockchain, some owners of this precious tool (etherium and binance for example) have given the possibility to other users to exploit the resource (blockchain) already created in order to generate their own coins that we will call tokens (in which are inscribed data that validly represent the service/product of the company): this is the TOKENIZATION

What you must understand and retain so far is that, Tokenization is a process whose objective is to create and secure the data of an asset and its rights on a token (digitally representing the said asset) through the cryptographic technology of the blockchain.

A company that decides to tokenize its assets gives you the opportunity to own a part of its tokens, making you a “virtual” shareholder of the company.


Tokenization has many advantages. Here are some of them :

– It is an investment model accessible to all (which is interesting for people who do not have the large means of conventional financing).

– The investor will have rights (defined at the time of the creation of the token) on a good/service, while keeping the freedom to resell his tokens at the market price. He can also participate in the governance of the project.

– Users can exchange tokens for services on a platform.

– Utility tokens can be offered as an incentive for users to provide services to the network, such as providing liquidity or participating in the verification of transactions.

– They act as a “store of value” and currency (liquidity) for payments inside and outside the blockchain network.

– Tokens allow the sharing and distribution of dividends or profits.


Kaliza is a unique project that offers you a brand new dashboard to keep an objective eye on your finances and your future.

Kaliza’s mission is to democratize access to investment opportunities, selected by a team of professionals, in order to simplify your access to real world investments.

Indeed, Kalizapad (from the KALIZA team) is the first platform that offers investments in various domains (NFT, real estate, cars, art, farming, etc …) because it tokenizes all these domains in the form of $AZA tokens (on the Solana blockchain).

Whatever your geographical location and your level of knowledge in the world of investment, KALIZA ($AZA) is THE SOLUTION you have been waiting for.

But which project should you choose to invest in?


Colombia is a country located in the extreme northwest of the South American continent.

In 2022, to buy a kilometer in a taxicab in Colombia it is necessary to prepare an average of 0.25$ and this price can rise to 0.30 $ depending on the city.

But a few years ago Uber made its entry in Colombia. The service is present in the major cities of the country. Practical and even cheaper than the cab.

Good news? yes!

Can we do even more to facilitate the life of Colombian city dwellers? YES!

How can we do it?

Let me explain it to you!

A: The reality

Colombia is not a car producing country, so cars are expensive in a country where the average monthly salary is around 250$.

According to the Colombian Ministry of Transport, in 2021 there were already more than 480,000 taxicabs on Colombian soil.

Most cab drivers have to pay the rent of their car daily (about ⅓ of the daily earnings), not counting the amount spent to buy the fuel needed to start the cab.

All this does not promote the development of drivers (who have families to feed) and customers.

B: The KALIZA’s solution

Kaliza is going to revolutionize the economy by offering tokenized electric cabs in Colombia, for everyone’s pleasure.

Remember, Kaliza is a tokenization platform that simplifies the investment in material goods (cars, real estate, businesses, art etc…)

The theme of ecology is coming to Colombia and people are concerned about respecting the environment. That’s why electric cabs are already circulating in the country’s major cities. Fortunately for you, these “ecological” cabs represent less than 1% of the cabs in the country. This would mean that this sector is a real boon.

In concrete terms, here are a few steps on how it will work :

– The “green cab” company will be created “virtually”;

– Kaliza tokenizes the said company by creating specific tokens (these tokens in which the ownership rights of the company have been engraved)

– Kaliza launches a crowdfunding campaign by selling a part of these tokens at a very low price on the dedicated platform

– Investors from all over the world and even Colombian cab drivers go to the exchange platform to buy the tokens (minimum required for the purchase is 1$)

– The funds are collected by the company, the cabs are effectively purchased and the physical company is born (the real work begins)

– The rest of the tokens are put on sale at a reasonable price (e.g. x10 of the fundraising price) and many buyers gradually buy them

– The cabs are running, the company is making its money and the profits generated are redistributed to the token holders (each according to the number of tokens they hold).

You can see that this opportunity is unique and beneficial to all because :

– Investors will surely make profits in just a few months

The Colombian cab driver who decides to invest by buying the tokens will not only benefit from a better salary as a driver but also from the profits generated by the company, depending on the number of tokens he holds in his portfolio.

– Users living in Colombia will now be able to buy a cab at a very competitive price

Our planet will be less affected by the CO2 emissions produced by the tons of vehicles running on fuel.

In short, it’s now or never to take a seat in the KALIZA’s vehicle for a prosperous destination. so what are you waiting for ?

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