Hainchan validate its spot among US’s biggest crocheting firms

With nearly 30,000 worldwide customer base in 98 countries, Hainchan Crochet is one of the fastest-growing Crochet companies in the US. The company skyrocketed from 20 sales countries in 2019 to 98 countries by the fall of 2021. And there’s no reason to believe it has any plans of slowing down.

So how exactly did the brand spur such phenomenal growth? And more importantly, what can we learn from it?

“Dedication and willingness to sacrifice to reach this goal was the ultimate secrete behind this success,” says the Hanh Tran. After their store opened in Early 2019, expanding of the Hainchan crochet designs to the global market took place with a very short period of 3 years.

​​From the start, Hainchan crochet designs placed quality as their top priority. The Hainchan crochet founders recognized that if they wanted to enhance US appreciation for fine Crochet, they had to provide the best raw materials and finest designers to ensure that customers had the most satisfying delineations possible. The management of the firm dedicated a great deal of their time and financial resources to establishing strong relationships with customers from around the world. 

Within months after introducing their production line to the international business, while her flagship store is located in 9169 W State St #3339, Garden, Idaho, US, Hanh Tran managed to keep up the monthly selling rate of Crochet designs not below one thousand. Even the control of the sales without a single negative review on the customer reviewing section is highly appreciating. “A beautiful amigurumi, easy to follow directions” and “Just what I was looking for!” says, Mariana Zapata and Alex among 1054 continuous five-star ratings and positive feedbacks all around the world on the Hainchan page in Etsy.com proves the fact without a doubt.

Another secret behind this phenomenal growth is the possession of a vast range of Crochet designs ranging from Calico Cat, The Tabby Cat, Silver Tabby Cat, Tira The Little Cat which are the current top-selling designs to seasonal favorites such as DAXTON the little REINDEER boy and many more unique designs of famous animals. Other than selling these cute products worldwide, Hainchan Crochet keeps attracting more and more customers who are love to produce such animals by their own knitting skills by providing careful and correct instructions to do so through their official web page and social media like YouTube. Reaching to Hainchan Crochet is easy. It is because of the broad access to their marketing network through almost every social media platform like Facebook simply by typing hainchanbyhain, vis Instagram by searching as hainchan, through Pinterest by searching as hainchan/_shop/, in designers.com by searching as designers/hain-chan and in Etsy international shopping website by searching as shop/HainChan.

Any customer who arrives at the store can experience a high-quality detailed view of their products which are classified very clearly so that each customer can find what they need without wasting a minute. Other than their cleanliness and tidiness, Hanh Tran’s rapid response to the customers also affects in large-scale for the accelerated spreading digital market provide a booster to its advertising activities because of customers self recommendation of the Hainchan Crochet products to the newbies.

People will remember brands for their acts of good in a time of crisis, particularly if done with true heart and generosity. This could take the form of discounts for individual purchases, providing free products for multiple purchases, offering seasonal discounts in considerable amounts, or continuing to pay employees while the company’s doors are closed. Hainchan Crochet immediately made multiple discount opportunities towards the customers and promoted the greatest discounts at all, knowing this was a moment to give rather than be purely commercial.

Hainchan Crochet proves that Basic knowledge of management, finance and record-keeping and market analysis keep your firm success at its peak all the time. Having only two members Hainchan Crochet’s design record-keeping and market analysis is flawless. This is why partnered with visa, master, google pay, apple pay, Amex, discover, elo, and more to facilitate a diverse base of customers all around the world who are coming up with different methods of payment.

Hanh Tran globalizes its services by taking into account that its customer audience in other countries. Even if Hainchan Crochet company is available in the United States they consider their global customers as if they were their own. “If our Crochet designs can be used abroad in a wide variety of events, decorations, and functions, it will be our ultimate marketing booster, we hope to design more and more unique and cultural designs to match with global demands,”  she said revealing just a minuscule secret in the phenomenal growth of Hanh Tran.

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