Blackpink’s Lisa Breaks Out Of A Tie With Twice On Billboard’s Global Chart As ‘Money’ Keeps Going

The upper reaches of this week’s Billboard Global 200 are still largely populated by Christmas singles. Holiday tunes often continue to perform well on various charts all around the planet for a short time after the big day comes and goes, as some people don’t want to stop listening to and buying the seasonal smashes they love so much, while some lists are published with a bit of a delay, so activity reflected was actually during the jolliest time of year.

While Christmas singles are still going strong for the time being (though they likely won’t be for much longer), one of the most successful and beloved solo female superstars in the K-pop field breaks out of a tie with another act to assert her power and popularity once more.

Lisa’s single “Money” dips slightly on this week’s edition of Billboard’s ranking of the most-consumed tunes in the world, sliding from No. 82 to No. 87. While it may be backtracking, the cut reaches a notable and important milestone by holding on once more.

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“Money” has now spent 16 weeks on the Billboard Global 200, making it the second-longest hit single by any female K-pop act, solo or group. Last time around, it was on the same level as “I Can’t Stop Me” by South Korean girl group Twice, which managed an impressive 15 turns on the tally before disappearing. Now, Lisa has pulled ahead of the band for good, but she and her track still have a long way to go before they match the all-time record.


Blackpink’s worldwide smash “How You Like That” lived on the Billboard Global 200 for 34 weeks, an incredible accomplishment for any release by a K-pop act. The first taste of the girl group’s debut full-length The Album was a very early hit on the tally, and it remains the third-longest-charting effort by any name in the K-pop industry, male or female. It is also the longest-running win among female acts in the K-pop space.

“Money” could easily rebound in the coming weeks as Christmas tracks fall down the Billboard Global 200, making more room in the loftiest tiers for tunes that are still performing well, but which couldn’t compete with holiday favorites. Whether or not it goes on to match “How You Like That” is yet to be seen, but anything is possible for the Blackpink singer and rapper, who has shown that she will be successful on a global stage, either with the band that made her a star or entirely on her own.

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