5 Berkshire Hathaway Stocks Hitting New Highs

Not every stock picked by Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger is hitting new all time highs on this rally. As a matter of fact, some old favorites in the Berkshire Hathaway portfolio BRK.A are in definite downtrends. Kraft-Heinz, for example, topped out in June at 43 and just bounced off its November/December low of 33.

In the spirit of the holidays, though, let’s just examine what’s been going well among those components within the Omaha, Nebraska-based fund. These 5 stocks either hit new all time highs today or at least made it back to previous all time highs by the close of business.

AbbVie’s ABBV weekly price chart looks like this:

The big drug maker is having a terrific 4th quarter after a late August/early September sell-off. Trading above both up trending 50-week (the blue line) and 200-week (the red line) shows how powerful this bull move is for AbbVie. After 5 straight weeks of straight up, the stock may need to rest.


The weekly price chart for Apple looks like this:

Today is a new all time high based on the closing price — something it attempted 2 weeks ago but failed. Look at how the i-phone maker tanked like other stocks during the March, 2020 pandemic but managed to stay above the early 2019 lows. Apple continues to trade above both significant moving averages.

Here’s the Chevron CVX weekly price chart:

The huge oil firm’s movements look a little different than the first 2 stocks, above. Chevron recovered from the March, 2020 low spot but had been unable to get past the 2018/2019 highs. By late September, the stock began the final ascent to the new highs established this week.

Marsh and McLennan’s weekly price chart is here:

This is another Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger pick that managed to just keep going up from 2020’s 1st quarter to now. The stocks is trending unmistakably upward and well above both the 50-week and 200-week moving averages. This is another one that looks as if it might need a rest, but who knows?

The VeriSign VRSN weekly price chart looks like this:

This is another one with a bit of a different look. VeriSign is the NASDAQ NDAQ -traded software maker that broker above the 2019 and 2020 highs by May, 2021. The stock sold off in late summer and early fall but has had a spectacular recovery as the 4th quarter kicked in.

Those 5 stocks are helping to make Berkshire Hathaway close the year at a much higher level than last year. There is no guarantee that such steady gains can continue into the New Year. History tells us that the unexpected usually shows up without signaling its arrival.

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