WWE NXT Results: Winners, News And Notes On December 14, 2021

WWE NXT advertised Grayson Waller speaking for the first time since last week’s attack of Johnny Gargano, who issues his farewell address from NXT (for now). NXT also advertised Bron Breakker vs. Roderick Strong, Cameron Grimes vs. Duke Hudson and Harland making his in-ring debut.

Last week’s broadcast of WWE NXT garnered 590,000 viewers.

  • December 7, 2021—590,000
  • November 30, 2021—637,000
  • November 23, 2021—625,000
  • November 16, 2021—574,000
  • November 9, 2021—603,000

WWE NXT 2.0—Key Competition 


WWE NXT Total YouTube Viewership Last Week: 1,928,090 (Down from 1,172,851)

  • Most-Viewed: Johnny Gargano Addresses his Future (319,317 views)
  • Least-Viewed: Von Wagner Promo (26,637 views)
  • Median Viewership: 104,456 views

WWE NXT Results | Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Cameron Grimes def. Duke Hudson—No Disqualification Match

With NXT 2.0 shaved down to size, Cameron Grimes is more over than he was in NXT 1.0, when he was still one of the top babyfaces.

The referee refused to count until Hudson pinned Grimes’ shoulders to the mat, but Wade Barrett did a good job covering for this snafu by blaming the referee for trying to screw over Cameron Grimes.

I really hope Duke Hudson continues to wear his wig and headgear even after he was exposed as a bald man. It’s a good look for him.

Grayson Waller Responds to Johnny Gargano Attack

Grayson Waller is one of the few stars who feels like an actual heel in front of this crowd.

Whoever cued up Waller’s IG selfie footage did so with a shaky WiFi connection.

Poor Grayson Waller spent the entire night being mean-mugged by NXT talent and ostracized from the men’s locker room.

Lashing Out with Lash Legend

Ikemen Jiro cut an even more spirited an d charismatic promo in his native language than he does in English.

I really hope there is some type of well-thought-out long-term story to Wendy Choo and why she keeps randomly appearing in segments in her pajamas, but this is WWE so I’ll keep my expectations reasonable.

Ivy Nile def. Amari Miller

From a ferocity standpoint, “The Pitbull” is the perfect nickname for Ivy Nile.

This match began with chants of “Ivy’s gonna kill you…”

If NXT doesn’t rush Ivy Nile to the top of the card, and just allows her to continue running through women, she has a lot of potential in developmental and the main roster.

Harland def. Guru Raaj

Talented rapper and wrestling fan Westside Gunn appeared ringside just to check out Harland’s debut.

Even though he shaved his head, somehow Harland still reminds me of Brock Lesnar.

I loved Joe Gacy’s new acoustic theme song.

This match was kept short, but in his short burst of explosiveness, Harland looks like he’s going to be the real deal.

Cora Jade def. Dakota Kai

Cora Jade was back on her skateboard to undo some of the damage done from WarGames.

Mandy Rose appeared on commentary with Catwoman attire.

Cora Jade looked shaky throughout this match, but Dakota Kai did a decent job carrying her.

Based on Rose’s commentary, the storyline between Cora Jade (20) and Mandy Rose (31) sure seems like it will have a lot to do with their age difference.

Gigi Dolan wore an awesome “Jimmy Rave-Approved” t-shirt in honor of the late wrestler.

Tony D’Angelo def. Andre Chase

I have a fleeting feeling that Pete Dunne’s mouthpiece will one day end up as the centerpiece of a Ladder Match.

Despite the fact that there was a student section wearing Chase U t-shirts, Tony D’Angelo was far more over with this crowd.

The best spot of this match came when Andre Chase spelled out the letters of “Chase U” while stomping D’Angelo.

Boa def. Edris Enofe

Edris Enofe is very overqualified in his current role and it’s only a matter of time before NXT can’t help but push him.

With no Xia Li or Mei Ying, Boa feels a man without a gimmick, but at least he’s winning.

Jacket Time def. Grizzled Young Vets

Even though they’ve been together for weeks, this felt like Jacket Time’s official debut.

NXT’s men’s tag team division has quietly become very deep.

Wade Barrett just said “Jacket Off Time” and Vic Joseph was like “WHAT?!” because apparently he thought he heard the same thing I thought I did.

Bron Breakker def. Roderick Strong

The entire Diamond Mine seems to vacillate between babyface and heel based on who they’re facing. Ivy Nile and The Creed Brothers were all presented as babyfaces while Roderick Strong was a de facto heel in this match.

Carmelo Anthony pulled up during this match as he might be headed for a feud with Roderick Strong.

Bron Breakker’s Frankensteiner is almost as good as his uncle’s.

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