Today’s ‘Wordle’ Word: Saturday January 15th, 2022 Solution

The hot new viral word game is Wordle, a simple no-frills guessing game that tests your vocabulary and your puzzle-solving skills.

Wordle, created by Josh Wardle as a gift for his wife, is a breath of fresh air in today’s casual game scene. There are no ads, no microtransactions—no monetization to speak of. Just a fun game that people can play via their browsers.

The basic premise is simple. You start with six rows of five empty boxes. Starting with the top row, you enter a five-letter word. If you get a letter in the right box, it’ll show up green. If you get the right letter but in the wrong box it shows up yellow. Incorrect letters show up dark grey.

Using a bit of logic and guesswork you rearrange yellow letters, rule out grey ones and eventually (hopefully) come to an answer. It’s like the old board game, Mastermind, though perhaps not quite as difficult.

January 15th, 2022 — Worlde #210 Answer

Spoilers ahead!


I just stumbled on this viral sensation this morning and figured I’d post the answer to today’s Wordle just in case it’s helpful to anyone having a hard time getting there on their own.

You can obviously guess these yourself but should you get stuck, here’s the answer. I got it on the fourth row.

The answer is “PANIC” and as you can see, my first guess—WORLD—was a bust. No correct letters at all. Logically, I should have picked something with very common letters like “E” and “S” though neither of those are in “PANIC” either.

I got the “I” on my second word—SMITE—and then lucked out by getting two correct letters—P and N—in the correct boxes in my third guess, PINKY (because Pinky and the Brain are always trying to take over the world I guess?) The “I” remained misplaced.

From there, my vowel choices were just “A” and “U” and I toyed around with both before guessing “PANIC” for the win. Narf!

I am the champion of the world and you can be too.

This is a fun little game. But I’m big into stuff like Bananagrams and Scrabble and enjoy the occasional crossword puzzle. This is quicker and simpler than those. A fine diversion.

Too bad a bunch of greedy bastards are trying to clone and monetize it. Scoundrels abound in late capitalism and the age of app stores and social media. You can enjoy Wordle by visiting its official website. Don’t get suckered in by clones and wannabees.

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