Today’s ‘Wordle’ Word Of The Day #366 Hint And Answer: Monday, June 20th

Well, yesterday was Wordle’s birthday. Wordle #0—the very first Wordle ever—debuted on June 19th, 2021 with the word cigar.

Yesterday’s word was not as fun as cigar but it gave me an excuse to include a Beck music video in the post, so that was fun.

In any case, yesterday was Wordle’s birthday. Today is my birthday. I am one year wiser this fine Monday, though I’m still fighting off this damned COVID-19. It isn’t that bad anymore, but seriously I hate being sick in June. I hate being sick on my birthday. I just hate being sick. (And I was vaccinated twice and boostered!)

Ah well. Such is life. Let’s hurry this up and get to today’s Wordle! I have sick-celebrating to do! Read on for a Wordle primer or skip ahead for today’s hint and answer.

How To Play Wordle

Wordle is a pretty straightforward game. First, head to the game’s homepage at the New York Times (it’s not an app on the App Store or Google Play, though there are many imitators).

Once here, you’ll find six rows of five boxes. These represent your six guesses. Type in a word and hit ‘Enter’ and any correct letters you get will show up in colored boxes: Green if it’s in the right spot, yellow if it’s in the wrong spot. If a box is grey that means the letter is not in the solution.


Through process of elimination, determine the answer by the sixth guess.

Today’s Wordle #366 Hint & Answer

Spoiler warning! Spoilers ahead!

First, a hint: A form of advice or feedback.

The answer is . . . .

My first guess may not look all that impressive, but according to Wordle Bot it reduced the total possible solutions down to 8 from 2,309. Leant seemed like a good starting word and it really was.

Snout ended up cutting the remaining choices down to just two. Little did I know, I had a 50/50 chance at this point. Sadly, uncut was wrong. Thankfully, just one guess later I got input for the win.

Thank you for your input. We will take it into consideration. Bye bye now.

Have a great Monday, ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for reading!

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