This Could Be The Free PlayStation Plus PS5 Game For October 2021

Every month, gamers speculate and hazard guesses and dig for leaks on what the next month’s PlayStation Plus titles will be.

Last month, for instance, the leaks were spot-on. They were only leaked a few days before the big reveal, however.

For October, gamers have come up with a pretty darn good theory about what the October PlayStation 5 freebie will be. I, for one, am convinced.

Okay, so what’s the game?

I’m glad you asked. The free PS Plus title on PS5 for October will be [drum roll . . . ]

Hell Let Loose

What the hell is Hell Let Loose?

This is an upcoming WWII first-person shooter that’s considered to be “hardcore” by many gamers. It features massive 50 vs 50 player battles set in a gritty, realistic World War 2 setting. This is the kind of game where one bullet can take you down easily, where team strategy is paramount and where folks like me used to playing Call Of Duty and Battlefield have to seriously reassess our strategy.

The game is already out on Steam (PC) where it gets Very Positive user reviews, which bodes well for console gamers.


That Sounds Cool, But Why PS Plus?

Oh, there are so many reasons. Let’s list a few:

  • PS Plus games are almost always announced on the final Wednesday of the month. This isn’t always true—sometimes the last Wednesday falls too early or late—but most of the time. The games are then released for free the next Tuesday. This month the final Wednesday is September 29th and the following Tuesday is October 5th. Guess what game comes out on consoles on October 5th? Yep.
  • You can currently pre-order Hell Let Loose on Xbox Series X|S but you can’t pre-order it on PlayStation 5. Why is that? Could it be that Sony doesn’t want to have to issue pre-order refunds once a bunch of PS Plus users realize they can get it for free? That seems likely. Issuing refunds to pissed off PS Plus subscribers is way more of a headache than just not allowing pre-orders—something Sony has every reason to allow, unless there are special circumstances.
  • There’s no word of the game coming to Xbox Game Pass anytime soon, which is one indication that Sony has a deal with publisher Team17 and developer Black Matter Pty Ltd.
  • Another, even bigger indication that there’s a deal between Sony and the game’s creators? This weekend’s open beta is for PS5 players only. The beta runs today through September 20th on PS5, so you can get a taste of what it plays like before its October 5th release. But you can only pre-order it on Xbox Series X|S. That has to mean something!

Well I’m Convinced—But What About The Two PS Plus Games On PS4?

I’m glad you’re convinced. I am, too. Unfortunately, barring a plausible leak we have no idea what the other PS Plus October titles will be. We’ll just have to wait and see. But definitely stay tuned to this blog and follow me on Twitter and Facebook. I cover these leaks and rumors every month.

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