They know my name now OFI…

“They know my name now OFI…All these blessings seem so odd, white doves Ryin up so high…Over my head, don’t know why? All this money in the bank, yeah I Thank God!”

Sings the ever so beautiful OFI, leading artist released from ACE Life Entertainment. She sweeped into the horizon like an angel, embarking on her journey to captivate her audience and take hold of all she wants to achieve within the music industry! OFI is a force to be reckoned with due to her ability as first a dancer/performer…as well as now a songstress and lyricist who spits her verses with much heart, all while falling into pocket each and every time!

No one person can make the type of advancements in such a short time that she has made, without having a team spear-headed by Mr. V, the CEO of ACE Life Entertainment. He has been the creative force behind OFI’s sound, as well as image! Having formed an entertainment company in order to empower artists, while protecting them from falling prey to the pitfalls of an otherwise scandalous industry. Mr. V takes his role very seriously and makes strategic steps to not only produce top quality content…yet, he makes sure to create business opportunities which will grow OFI’s career in an expedited fashion. Thus the reason for OFI’s, ‘Shooting Star’, like entrance into the music scene!

So what’s next for OFI and ACE Life Entertainment as they gear up to take 2022 hostage with their captivating tunes? Well…a five series cartoon/real life docu reality release of each of her upcoming singles: “Heart Is Ready” (Sirts Patrasta – English & Armenian Versions), “2 Tone”, “Birthday Every Day”, “Thank God”, “Ain’t Hollywood”! OFI will have us following her melody throughout Winter, Spring, Summer and in Fall we’ll fall backwards with our eyes closed while bumpin our heads to the enchanting music provided by OFI and ACE Life Entertainment.

“Music with a Pulse”, as this young lady has overcome monstrous obstacles and still managed to keep a smile on her face. She maneuvers through a room with much style and grace, instantly pulling you into her realm like the pull of gravity! Her humility, strong spirit, and her will to want to achieve all that she dared to dream about; is the reason she never gave up on herself. OFI often provides words of encouragement to her young audience battling di erent hardships, while they navigate through rocky times. She is a bright light, you can’t help being attracted to as it exudes from a place of purity! We know her name now #OFI & we can’t help but follow OFI’s melody!!!

#NextUp #FastestRisingNewComer #2ToneOFI #ACELifeEntertainment OFI’s Instagram & Tik-Tok: @OFI2Tone

ACE Life Entertainment’s IG: @ACELifeEnt

Written By Ani Galestanian LimitLess Entity

The Tycoon Herald