The 10 Best New Movies Added To Netflix In December

Of all the streaming platforms, Netflix NFLX is by far the most active. From week to week, month to month, the world’s most viral streaming service adds lots and lots of new movies to its digital library.

Which makes choosing a movie…well. Difficult.

Hopefully I can help. I scoured through every new movie hitting Netflix this month and picked out ten of my favorites. In this article I’ll go through each one of them—and at the end, you can find include a full list of all the new movies and TV shows that are available on Netflix this month.

Don’t Look Up

Two low-level astronomers must go on a giant media tour to warn mankind of an approaching comet that will destroy planet Earth.

This movie will be available on Netflix starting December 24.



In a future society, time-travel exists, but it’s only available to those with the means to pay for it on the black market. When the mob wants to eliminate someone, it sends the target into the past, where a hit man known as a looper lies in wait to finish the job. Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is one such hired gun, and he does his job well — until the day his bosses decide to “close the loop” and send Joe’s future self (Bruce Willis) back in time to be killed.

This movie is currently streaming on Netflix.

The Power of the Dog

A domineering rancher responds with mocking cruelty when his brother brings home a new wife and her son, until the unexpected comes to pass.

This movie is currently streaming on Netflix.

The Unforgivable

Ruth Slater, a woman released from prison after serving a sentence for a violent crime and attempts to re-enter society. She must try to put her life back together again in a world that refuses to forgive her past.

This movie will be available on Netflix starting December 10.

Fool’s Gold

Treasure hunter Ben “Finn” Finnegan has sunk his marriage to Tess and his trusty boat in his obsessive quest to find the legendary Queen’s Dowry. When he finds a vital clue that may finally pinpoint the treasure’s whereabouts, he drags Tess and her boss, billionaire Nigel Honeycutt, along on the hunt. But Finn is not the only one interested in the gold; his former mentor-turned-enemy Moe Fitch will stop at nothing to beat him to it.

This movie is currently streaming on Netflix.

Darkest Hour

The fate of Western Europe hangs on Winston Churchill in the early days of World War II. The newly appointed British prime minister must decide whether to negotiate with Hitler or fight on against incredible odds. During the next four weeks in 1940, Churchill cements his legacy as his courageous decisions and leadership help change the course of world history.

This movie will be available on Netflix starting December 16.

Minority Report

An action-detective thriller set in Washington D.C. in 2054, where police utilize a psychic technology to arrest and convict murderers before they commit their crime. The head of this Precrime unit and is himself accused of the future murder of a man he hasn’t even met.

This movie is currently streaming on Netflix.

Green Snake

While trying to free her sister from Fahai’s clutches, Xiao Qing winds up in a dystopian city and meets a mysterious man who can’t recall his past life.

This movie is currently streaming on Netflix.


Although his life is already in a downward spiral, things get much worse for advertising executive Joe Doucett; while drunk one night, Joe is kidnapped and thrown into solitary confinement in a bizarre, hotellike room. For the next 20 years, Joe suffers unimaginable torment, but the motive and identity of his captor remain unknown. When he is inexplicably set free, Joe emerges with one goal: to find the person who stole two decades of his life.

This movie will be available on Netflix starting December 18.

Fast Color

Hunted by mysterious forces, a young woman who has supernatural abilities must go on the run when her powers are discovered. With nowhere else to go, she flees back to her family and the farmhouse she abandoned long ago. There, while being pursued by the local sheriff, she begins to mend the broken relationships with her mother and daughter and learns that the power she needed was inside her all along.

This movie will be available on Netflix starting December 11.

Every new movie and TV show on Netflix in October

Dec. 1

  • Blood and Bone
  • Body of Lies
  • Bordertown: Mural Murders
  • Chloe
  • Chocolat
  • Closer
  • Death at a Funeral
  • Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat
  • The Final Destination
  • Final Destination 3
  • Final Destination 5
  • Fool’s Gold
  • The Fourth Kind
  • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean
  • Knight Rider 2000
  • Law Abiding Citizen
  • The Legend of Zorro
  • Life
  • Looper
  • The Mask of Zorro
  • Minority Report
  • Pet Sematary
  • The Power of the Dog
  • Premonition
  • Sabrina
  • Soul Surfer
  • Stepmom
  • Stuart Little 2
  • Sucker Punch
  • Think Like a Man
  • Tremors
  • We Were Soldiers
  • Wild Things
  • Wyatt Earp

Dec. 2

  • The Alpinist
  • Coyotes
  • Single All the Way
  • The Whole Truth

Dec. 3

  • Cobalt Blue
  • Coming Out Colton
  • Mixtape
  • Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas

Dec. 6

  • David and the Elves
  • Voir

Dec. 9

  • Asakusa Kid
  • Bathtubs Over Broadway

Dec. 10

  • Anonymously Yours
  • Aranyak
  • Back to the Outback
  • The Shack
  • Still Out of My League
  • Two
  • The Unforgivable

Dec. 11

  • Fast Color

Dec. 13

  • Eye in the Sky

Dec. 14

  • The Future Diary

Dec. 15

  • The Giver
  • The Hand of God
  • Selling Tampa

Dec. 16

  • A California Christmas: City Lights
  • Darkest Hour
  • A Naija Christmas
  • Puff: Wonders of the Reef

Dec. 17

Dec. 18

Dec. 19

  • What Happened in Oslo

Dec. 21

  • Grumpy Christmas

Dec. 24

  • Don’t Look Up
  • Minnal Murali
  • The Silent Sea
  • STAND BY ME Doraemon 2
  • 1000 Miles From Christmas
  • Vicky and Her Mystery
  • Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous

Dec. 25

  • Single’s Inferno

Dec. 26

Dec. 29

  • Anxious People
  • Crime Scene: The Times Square Killer

Dec. 30

  • Kitz
  • Hilda and the Mountain King

Dec. 31

  • The Lost Daughter
  • Stay Close
  • Seal Team
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