ANASTASIYA GILEVICH (STAZ SHIFT) — mixed and Spain based virtual reality artist, whose talent can be felt through the visual storytelling of her 3D avatars. Staz is a multimedia creative, crypto and beauty influencer, who has travelled around the world to search for inspiration, studying Design, Psychology, and Fashion Marketing as education but learnt crypto trading and how to use all the softwares on her own by trial and error to enter NFT and Metaverse.


Anastasiya has built a strong community on various platforms including Instagram (over 300K followers), Nafter (first seller on platform), TikTok (21K+ followers) and several telegram channels.


Staz comes from a fine art and photography background, is now a multiverse designer, 3D artist with her custom avatars, NFT & Metaverse Influencer, makeup artist, gamer and content creator. Staz is currently in uncharted space experimenting with new opportunities within Web 3.0 and especially Virtual Reality.


Number one goal for Staz is to guide others towards spiritual awakening, financial independence, and harmony between inside and outside world. She is a lightworker in the tech world, with passion for creativity, talent search, and quantum physics.


CUSTOM 3D AVATAR that looks like you, or a completely random avatar of your choice. What’s included: 3D Avatar that can be uploaded to metaverses, used in computer and NFT games, on social media, VR worlds, cartoons, etc.


STAZ SHIFT posts her 3D avatars as NFTs on various platforms including Foundation App and Binance NFT and has been featured on Forbes, her first auction ended with 100.000 USD sale. On Nafter platform Staz sold 9 pieces for over 15.000 USD total. Staz continues working with different NFT and Metaverse projects, creating custom avatar collections, being the first artist, trader, influencer, tech visionary & female all-in-one to join NFT world & metaverse. Staz Bodyart NFT was re-listed by the buyer for 3000 BNB (1.500.000 USD)


THE WORD “METAVERSE” is typically used to describe the concept of a future iteration of the internet, made up of persistent, shared, 3D virtual spaces linked into a perceived virtual universe. We can think of it as a new era of virtual and augmented reality worlds joined together. 28 October 2021 Facebook publicly announced that they are building their Metaverse and later on some other companies joined the trend. Staz avatars will soon enter the metaverse and videogames as she dreamt in her early childhood playing “The Sims”.



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