Stars Maite Perroni And Cristian De La Fuente Talk About Debut Of ‘Juego De Las Llaves’ Season 2

“It’s a fun, chaotic and provocative season. It has a little bit of everything.” That’s how El Juego de las Llaves (The Game of Keys) star Maite Perroni describes season two of the hit dramedy from streaming service PANTAYA that explores issues of sexual intimacy, long-term monogamy and unfulfilled desires.

To say the 8-episode second installment of the series is provocative is an understatement. The writers and producers have turned up the heat, with some explicit sexual content almost right out of the gate.

Season 2 also features new characters, including Mexico’s “Queen of Rock” Alejandra Guzmán, actress and singer Laura León and telenovela and film actor Cristián de la Fuente.

The lives of the characters changed drastically after playing what they thought would be a harmless and fun game of keys. But the consequences were life altering for everyone and their actions have driven a wedge among the close group of friends, who are trying to adjust to their new reality. Perroni’s character Adriana, for example, is struggling after her life fell apart after playing the game of keys. Exploring sexual fantasies ended in her husband getting her best friend pregnant. She’s now divorced, homeless and facing a whole other range of problems.

“I think Adriana is definitely beginning to experience the consequences of her decisions, but I don’t think she has any regrets,” says Perroni. “In Season 1 she starts a process in which she’s aware will mean change and that she’ll have to learn how to navigate after a 20-year relationship with her husband Oscar, how to bond with her daughter again and how to resume her professional life…. I definitely don’t think there’s guilt or regret, but she is facing the consequences of the path she chose in her search of who she is, what he wants and how she wants to live life.”


Telenovela heartthrob Cristián de la Fuente is among the new characters in season 2, and Adriana’s new love interest.

“Her life is in chaos, because she loses everything that gave her a sense of security,” says de la Fuente.” She meets Guillermo as destiny would have it, in a game of keys, and they sexually connect. But that evolves into a relationship where both help Adriana discover what she wants and what makes her happy.”

De la Fuente says he was drawn to taking on a role in the show. “I like series that make you think. I don’t believe that television is to educate. Television is to laugh and entertain. What’s most important is when there’s a story to tell. My character shows that sometimes, it’s not complicated to be happy. Sometimes, achieving happiness in life is a lot easier than we think.”

The first four episodes of El Juego de las Llaves drop September 16. Two more episodes will be made available the following two weeks exclusively on PANTAYA in the U.S. and on Amazon Prime Video in Mexico and over 240 countries and territories worldwide.

El Juego de las Llaves stars Maite Perroni (Cuidado con el ángel, Oscuro deseo), Cristián de la Fuente (Amor bravío, Devious Maids), Marimar Vega (La boda de Valentina, Amor de mis amores), Humberto Busto (El Chapo, Oso polar), Horacio Pancheri (Un camino hacia el destino), Hugo Catalán (Falsa identidad), Ela Velden (Rubí, ¿Quién mató a Sara?) y Fabiola Campomanes (Teresa, Mi corazón es tuyo). Also on board for the season are Bárbara López (Amar a muerte, El mesero), Michelle Rodríguez (Mirreyes contra Godínez), Antonio Fortier (El candidato), Laura León and Alejandra Guzmán.  

El Juego de las Llaves was created by Marisa Quiroga, Verónica Bellver, Patrick McGinley with Corazón Films, through Sandro Halphen, Pantaya and Amazon Prime Video. Written by Verónica Bellver and Jessica Silvetti, season two of  El Juego de  las Llaves is directed by Javier Colinas and Kenya Márquez. Eckehardt von Damm, Sandro Halphen and Roberto Fiesco are the executive producers.

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