Spirituality with the Social Media Mogul Taeler Made

Content Writer, Christine M. Feliciano

Spirituality and transparency are the driving factors that inspire Taeler in all aspects of her life. Whether it is being a mom, influencer, sewing an outfit for Taelermadedancewear, social media mogul, creator, entertainer, entrepreneur, and public figure. Her strategic process remains the same. The dedication and living by her morals and values that motivate each move she makes are visible in her success.

She grounds herself not only with water and meditation but through prayer. Taeler says “I am very spiritual in every sense of the word. Even if I’m in the middle of whatever I’m doing, and I need to pray, I stop and pray because there are somethings that only God and I will understand”. When she isn’t creating or working, she can take up to 4-5 hot showers daily to help her unwind and wash her worries away.

Taeler is intentional not only with her work but with her jewelry as well. For example, she wears the Hamsa, which is known for protection, and crystals like black Obsidian, which is known for healing properties. Keeping her energy clean and protected, she also dedicates her time and resources to feeding her soul. The very humble Taeler stated how she felt about giving back to the community she grew up in; “I figured the best that I can do is increase the property value where I grew up in inner-city Detroit because it was terrible, and then I try to hire those that are willing to work if I can bare it and you’re willing I just need some cooperation and a little bit of effort and we can make it happen.”

The Tycoon Herald