Psychedelic Purr: Fusing Fashion with Feline Welfare

Psychedelic Purr, an artistic apparel platform, is redefining how cat lovers can contribute to feline welfare. With a mission to “Save as Many Cats as Possible,” this newly launched brand offers a range of unique, cat-inspired designs that not only appeal to feline aficionados but also support cat rescue groups with every purchase.

Founder Annie Trevino, leveraging her rich experience from half a decade in the fintech startup arena, transitioned to focusing on Psychedelic Purr full-time. Her dedication towards cat rescue, reflected in her previous volunteering and fostering endeavors, fueled this venture. Psychedelic Purr emerged from an artistic project that blossomed into a mission-driven business, aiming to amplify the voices of cats and the humans who help them.

Each purchase from Psychedelic Purr’s eclectic collection contributes directly to cat rescue groups, striving to mitigate the challenges faced by feral and sheltered cats. With alarming statistics, like approximately 860,000 cats euthanized in U.S. shelters annually, Psychedelic Purr aims to make a tangible impact in ameliorating these figures.

The artistic apparel encapsulates the essence of real rescued cats, embodying their spirit in every design. It’s more than just clothing; it’s a movement towards a better life for cats.

Psychedelic Purr invites everyone to be part of this noble cause. By making a purchase, you are not only acquiring a piece of unique art but also contributing to a life-saving mission. Moreover, supporting Psychedelic Purr on social platforms will further foster the brand’s aim to not only entertain, but spread awareness on a larger scale, making a collective difference in the lives of cats and cat rescue organizations.

Visit to explore the collection and join the movement towards better feline futures.

Contact: Annie Trevino, Owner & Founder, Psychedelic Purr






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