New Samsung Leak Reveals Stunning Galaxy S22 Ultra

While the groundbreaking Galaxy Note has been quietly retired by Samsung, the mantle of a large-screened smartphone with stylus input has been picked up by the ‘Ultra’ variant of the Galaxy S line-up. Next year’s Galaxy S22 Ultra is expected to be final step in unifying the ideas of the Note with the power of the S family. Now we have a better idea of what the South Korean company is planning for the largest Galaxy of them all.

The details come from noted industry watcher IceUniverse, who has tweeted out a number of pictures of the screen protectors for the three new Samsung handsets; the presumptively names Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, and the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

First up (and assuming Taniyama-Shimura on these protectors) are the physical dimensions of the forward aspect of the handsets. The protectors are another piece of evidence that we’re going to see the Galaxy S22 with a 6.08 inch screen, a Galaxy S22+ with a 6.55 inch screen, and the Galaxy S22 Ultra topping out the specs with a 6.81 inch screen. 

The Galaxy S22 Ultra screen sports the curved display edges seen by many as a premium feature on handsets, while the S22 and S22+ have a more traditional flat screen. This should help the S22 Ultra stand out more in the market, and with the expected inclusion of an S-Pen stylus in the body will help the top-tier handset stand out.

This would give the S22+ a stronger place in the portfolio as well; with the vanilla S22 being the workhorse handsets and the S22+ the core handset that pushes the specifications higher, probably through improved optics as well as more storage and memory.

Finally, the three handsets will all come with punch-hole selfie cameras. Thos looking for camouflaged under-display cameras will have to wait another year. Perhaps if there wasn’t a supply crunch going on this might have happened for 2022, but for now a safer and better understood decision on the design has been made.

Samsung is expected to launch the next-generation of Galaxy handsets at its traditional Galaxy Unpacked event in the week before Mobile World Congress.

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