New Charger From GP Batteries Claims To Be The World’s Fastest

For the sake of the environment, we ought to find a way to our reliance on single-use batteries for powering things like flashguns, torches or almost anything that uses AA or AAA alkaline cells. Of course, rechargeable batteries aren’t always the answer but in certain applications, they can go a long way to eliminating the need to use disposable alkaline batteries.

GP Batteries is a major battery supplier and it has just launched what it claims is the world’s fastest NiMH battery charger. The Recyko Charge 10 charger can simultaneously recharge up to four Charge 10 AA nickel-metal hydride batteries in an impressive 10 minutes. That’s up to three times faster than competitor chargers on the market.

To test this bold claim, I tried out the new Recyko Charge 10 to see how it worked in a real-life situation. The Charge 10 is a compact device with a sliding cover that activates the charging process whenever it’s slid into place. Unlike regular battery chargers, the Charge 10 has a built-in cooling fan and an integral power adapter so there’s no need to use a wall adapter. The Charge 10 also comes with a regular power cable that plugs directly into a wall outlet. 

The Charge 10 packaging describes the built-in fan as being “low noise”, but I’d say that stretches the meaning of the word “low”. In practice, it can be quite noisy but since it’s only around 10 minutes at a time if you’re using Charge 10 batteries, it’s not too big a deal. If you use any other NiMH battery types, the charging process takes a lot longer.


When the charger is working in fast mode, four blue LEDs on the charger flash to indicate the charge status of each cell. In eco mode, the LEDs change to green and charging takes longer. The charging mode can be switched by pressing a switch on the side of the casing. The instructions provided are a bit vague so that could be something GB Batteries might want to improve.

The Charge 10 AA batteries have a power rating of 1,700 mAh which isn’t a particularly high rating, but it’s adequate for most people’s needs, plus you can always recharge them again in around 10 minutes and you’re good to go. It’s probably wise to have several sets of Charge 10 batteries available if you’re a heavy user.

A unique algorithm built into the charger optimizes the charging current so that the batteries get charged in the quickest possible time, depending on the type of battery, its condition and the ambient temperature. This is done safely and the built-in cooling fan pulls in a flow of cool air that passes over the batteries to stop them from overheating.

Verdict: Over the years, I’ve used quite a few different battery chargers. I have tried fan-cooled fast chargers in the past, but I’d prefer slightly slower chargers and I buy an extra set of NiMH batteries so charging speed hasn’t been a major factor for me. The Change 10 hasn’t changed my mind on this and as much as the Recyko brand is making charging times much shorter, if think recharging a few sets in advance works better for me than relying on one set of batteries that I can recharge in just 10 minutes. In terms of use, I think the sliding cover on the Charge 10 isn’t easy to use and could do with a better design that doesn’t put too much strain on the casing.

Pricing & Availability: The GB Batteries Recyko Charge 10 and four Charge 10 AA cells is available now in the UK and costs £59.99.

More info:

Tech Specs:

  • Recyko Charge 10 Charger: 
  • Charges 4 Recyko Charge 10 AA batteries in 10 minutes
  • Charges any rechargeable NiMH AA and AAA batteries
  • Ultra-Fast mode plus an Eco mode to maximize battery life
  • 10 amperes of charging input
  • Built-in AC adapter
  • Up to 2x quieter than competing fast chargers that use a traditional axial fan design
  • Optimized charging for each battery
  • Tri-color LED status lights

Recyko Charge 10 AA 1700mAh batteries 

  • Charge in 10 minutes with the Charge 10 Ultra-Fast Charger 
  • Retains up to 80% of its power after 12 months
  • Works in extreme temperatures (-20°C to +50°C)
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