‘Money Heist’ Dethroned In Netflix’s Top 10 List By A New Offering

It was no surprise that the return of Money Heist for its final batch of episodes rocketed to number one immediately on Netflix. But now, its reign is over, in the US at least, and it’s taken no one else but Sandra Bullock to unseat it from the top of the charts.

Money Heist has been knocked down a few places all the way to #4 on the US overall charts, dropping behind both Lost in Space and The Queen of Flow, which is a little surprising to see, as I would have expected it to simply shift to number two instead.

The new number one offering is a Netflix original Sandra Bullock movie, with the pair reuniting for the first time since Bird Box. But no, this is not Bird Box 2, it’s The Unforgivable.

It’s an unusually gritty role for Bullock, where she plays a woman convicted of murder, looking for her little sister than she left behind when she went to prison. The movie is directed by German director Nora Fingscheidt, who hasn’t done anything I’d heard of, but clearly this is a massive break, with her now having what is probably the most watched movie in America right now.

The film also has two Netflix ex-Marvel stars, Daredevil’s Vincent D’Onofrio, and Punisher’s Jon Bernthal, alongside Suicide Squad’s Viola Davis. Is the movie any good? Well, like many Netflix offerings (ie. Red Notice) there is a large split between critics and audiences on this one. 40% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes compared to an 86% audience score, very similar to what Red Notice just got. What can I say? People love their Sandra Bullock, in any context.


I would not expect this to remain at the top of the charts for too long, as movies tend to drop pretty quickly as they’re one-and-done. If it stays for a long while, Netflix will probably start bragging about its viewership in short order.

As for Money Heist, it’s been one of Netflix’s most successful series, and just because the main show is ending, the Money Heist Expanded Universe will continue. Berlin is getting his own spin-off show, and Netflix has greenlit a Korean version of Money Heist as well. No English version appears to be coming, which seems like the right call, given how successful the Spanish one has been in the US anyway.

I am surprised to see Lost in Space maintaining this momentum, permanently at #2 here for a while, when it was #1 before Money Heist returned. Lost in Space is ending no matter how well it does, however, with season 3 being the planned finale for the show. Its creator has a larger, overall deal with Netflix and will produce more content to come.

I’m going to watch The Unforgivable tonight and see how it goes. Again, hard to not like a Sandra Bullock movie, and I think Netflix has figured that out at this point.

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