MØ Returns With Two New Songs and An Album On The Way

For much of the last two years, the COVID pandemic brought the music industry to its knees, effectively putting an end to musicians’ primary source of revenue (and connecting with their fans): live shows. Instead, artists took the time in lockdown to focus on creating new music free from the distractions of the outside world, of label executives breathing down their neck, and of pressure to release something fast.

Now, with the live music industry back up and running, more and more artists are gearing up for a busy 2022. That includes Danish pop singer MØ. She’ll be releasing her highly-anticipated third album Motordrome on January 28th and going on tour in support of the LP in the spring.

To prepare fans for the impending release, she dropped two new singles from the upcoming project: “Brad Pitt” and “Goosebumps.” The music video for “Goosebumps” is out today, while the visual for “Brad Pitt” is slated for release next week. Both songs are written from a place of longing — by no means unfamiliar territory for the Scandinavian songbird — but are imbued with a renewed sense of self.

The two tracks are the latest in a string of songs that MØ has released throughout this year in preparation for a purported third album. She released the first single “Live to Survive” in the spring, while the follow-up single “Kindness” arrived in the summer.


In advance of “Kindness”’ release, she took to Instagram to share her thoughts with her loving fans, and to give them that same love back in a song dedicated to them. “Thank you for your support and curiosity throughout the years,” she said. “I can’t believe almost 10 years has passed since the MØ project began, and I’m still trying to grasp how amazing and crazy, and the blessing it has been.”

The Tycoon Herald