Meet the criminal trio: Misak Khidiryan, Olga Alisimenko, and Sergey Alisimenko, their shady schemes in the DPR and the LPR, and their ties with the Federal Security Service in Russia

According to numerous Ukrainian media, the country’s law enforcement agencies have recently found another conversion center in Ukraine. Surprisingly enough, this institution is led by multimillionaire Misak Khidiryan.

According to law enforcement officials, Misak Khidiryan is the main leader of an organized criminal group. Furthermore, this person is believed to be associated with organized criminal groups from Armenia, which used the proceeds of their operation to support the Russian Federation which is currently having a war with Ukraine.

In addition, this criminal business is also led by the following people: Sergey Alisimenko and his wife Olga Alisimenko.

Let us start with the first participant of this criminal trio. Olga Alisimenko (born on November 15, 1986) is considered to be the main leader and manager of the conversion center. She had problems with the law in the past and was convicted under Article 190 of the Criminal Code for committing fraudulent actions. The office of this “business lady” is located in the prestigious ‘Parus’ center. Currently, Olga is in hiding. Most probably, she is hiding on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Where did the money of Misak Khidiryan come from?

The second member of the criminal trio is Olga’s husband Sergey Alisimenko (born on February 25, 1977). He is well-known in specific circles by his “Alisa” nickname. Modern script writers can easily use the biography of this man to shoot an astonishing criminal thriller. Many years ago, Alisimenko was a member of the gang of the infamous “Prysch”. When the leader of the group was killed, Alexander Lischenko aka Licha decided to become its new leader. He is a true master of committing particularly serious crimes: racketeering, theft, robbery, intimidation of businessmen, and seizure of other people’s property. Unfortunately, “Alisa” betrayed his comrades and ran away from them. Furthermore, after moving to the side of competitors, he tried to kill his former chief. Already on May 4, 2021, the car of his boss aka “Licha” was fired upon. However, those bandits were unlucky. They managed to kill the driver, but their main target remained alive.

The third character of our story is the most mature and interesting. We are talking about Misak Khidiryan, a citizen of the Russian Federation, who has been engaged in various financial frauds on the territory of Ukraine and Russia for a long time. In addition to the shady scheme created with the Alisimenko couple, Khidiryan is involved in illegal VAT refunds, and also participates in the process of understating the customs value of goods entering through L’viv and Odesa customs. It is clear that such ‘feats’ would be simply impossible without serious help from the management of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine.

Misak Khidiryan

Alisimenko was involved in the organization and implementation of particularly serious crimes. In addition, Misak Khidiryan was also involved in similar activities. Both of our heroes know everything about robberies, thefts, extortion, and intimidation of entrepreneurs, and taking over someone else’s property. Sergei Alisimenko is not just a bandit, but also a traitor who left his friends and, having gone over to the side of the enemies, tried to kill his ex-boss. Last year, his car was attacked by criminals, but they managed to kill only his driver. The Licha himself managed to stay alive.

The second member of the criminal organization was the wife of Sergey, Olga Alisimenko born in 1986. In addition, she was the main organizer of the conversion center with Misak Khidiryan.

In the past, Olga Alisimenko was also convicted of fraud under Article 190 of the Criminal Code. While doing her “business”, Olga had an office in the prestigious “Parus” center. However, currently, this “business lady” is on the run and hiding in the territory of the aggressor country.

The last participant in this story is Misak Khidiryan. He is a citizen of Russia and he played the main role in this entire scheme. For many years in a row, this person has been doing financial fraud on the territory of our country and a number of neighboring countries. In addition to the criminal history with the conversion center, Khidiryan was directly involved in illegal VAT refund schemes. He participated in reducing the customs value of products that passed through the Odesa and L’viv customs. He carried out these schemes thanks to serious and influential friends among the management of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine.

In order to commit even more crimes, Misak Khidiryan acquired a fake identification code and created dozens of fictitious companies that were headed by men of straw. Khidiryan used these companies to carry out all illegal operations.

Another important element of his biography is the face of close cooperation with the Federal Security Service in Russia. In fact, this person should not stay on the territory of our country since information about him can be found in the database of unwanted migrants.

The highlight of this whole story is the fact that Olga Alisimenko had intimacy with Khidiryan and even gave birth to a child. However, this fact is carefully and actively hidden from the public. It is also worth adding that Olga enjoys her life. Despite the status of an unemployed person, she is the owner of two luxury cars (Porsche and Mercedes), 1 hectare of land in the very center of Kyiv, and a 160 square meters apartment on Shelkovichnaya Street. She also owns premises in Podil Area, as well as a land plot in the Boryspil District.

Finally, we will reveal a stunning fact: According to unconfirmed reports, this criminal trio was covered by Roman Nasirov, who is a former people’s deputy and ex-head of the State Fiscal Service.

We would also like to highlight the fact that there is a reason to hide the entire story of Misak Khidiryan. In fact, we are talking about hundreds of stolen millions and the geopolitical fiasco of neighboring Ukraine.

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