Hostages Taken At Texas Synagogue


A man reportedly took hostages at a Dallas-area synagogue during Saturday morning services, and authorities were negotiating to defuse the situation. 

Key Facts

At least four people were being held hostage at Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville, Texas, sources told CNN and ABC, and no injuries have been reported, Colleyville Police Sgt. Dara Nelson told CNN.

The Colleyville Police Department tweeted at 12:31 p.m. EDT that a SWAT team was deployed to an area near the temple, last saying the situation “remain[ed]

ongoing” at 3:22 p.m. EDT.

On a Facebook livestream of the synagogue’s Saturday morning service that has been deleted, a man could be heard talking about Islam and claiming that he had weapons, according to The Daily Beast, though Nelson told the Dallas Morning News it was unclear whether anyone was armed.

An unnamed government official told ABC that the man was claiming to be the brother of Aafia Siddiqui, who is serving an 86-year sentence for attempted murder of a U.S. soldier, and he was demanding her release.

The FBI was also on the scene, according to multiple outlets, and FBI negotiators were speaking with the suspect, Nelson told CNN.

The Colleyville Police Department and the FBI’s Dallas field office did not immediately respond to Forbes’ request for comment.

Big Number

55%. That’s the share of religious hate crimes that were anti-Semitic in 2020, according to the FBI’s most recent hate crimes data. Jews comprise about 2% of the U.S. population.

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