Free ‘Call Of Duty: Vanguard’ Content Comes To Warzone’s Season 6 Battle Pass

Activision has sweetened the Call Of Duty: Vanguard pot, adding 24 free tiers of Vanguard content to the Season 6 Battle Pass of Warzone / Black Ops Cold War.

Basically whether you’ve purchased the Season 6 Battle Pass or are just playing completely free-to-play you can earn a bunch of Vanguard/Warzone rewards just by playing. This is nearly a month before the new game’s release, so you’ll earn rewards that currently only work in Warzone but will unlock in Vanguard on November 5th when that game comes out.

These are not merely cosmetics like stickers. Rewards include four weapon blueprints for Assault Rifles and Tactical Rifles. These include:

  • The “Bonerattler” Assault Rifle (Tier 24)
  • The “Warning Track” Assault Rifle (Tier 64)
  • The “White Obsidian” Tactical Rifle (Tier 34)
  • The “Heirloom” Tactical Rifle (Tier 72)

The other rewards include:

  • Six total Double XP tokens — two for standard XP, two for weapons, and two that are “Operator XP,” tied to progression with Vanguard Operators. The first two types can be used immediately in Warzone. We recommend saving the Operator XP tokens until they’re usable at Vanguard’s launch and/or Warzone later this year.
  • Three Calling Cards and two Emblems for your Player Profile.
  • Three Sprays to tag up Verdansk, Rebirth Island, or Vanguard’s Multiplayer and Zombies maps and eventually the new Warzone map.
  • Three Weapon Charms and two Stickers to place on nearly every Vanguard weapon, when they become available for Gunsmith customization.
  • A timeless “Clocked In” Watch Wrist Accessory, which is the final reward in the Season Six Battle Pass for Vanguard and Warzone at Tier 98.

Call Of Duty: Vanguard comes to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC on November 5th. I’ll be reviewing here on this blog so stay tuned.

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