‘Fortnite’ Is Down — Here’s When Season 8 Starts And Servers Come Back Online

Fortnite just capped off its 7th Season with one of the most epic live-events we’ve seen in a very long time.

Dr. Slone stabbed everyone in the back, sending them on a suicide mission to destroy the Mothership. Once there, we discovered that Kevin the Cube was inside—along with a bunch of other Cubes. You had to “reboot” the Cube after Slone’s weapons rendered it inert, but when it came back it was blue instead of purple.

The bombs went off and everyone was thrown out of the exploding ship, including several Cubes. And just as a fiery piece of space machinery crashed into you, the words “To Be Continued” popped up on the screen.

And the game went down. A countdown timer popped up indicating when Fortnite will be back—in about 12 hours, or 2 am PT / 5 am ET tomorrow, Monday the 13th of September.

Until then, we’ll just have to wait and see. Obviously some very big map changes are in store what with all these Cubes falling to the ground, not to mention the crash of the Mothership. It’s actually the first time I’ve felt genuinely excited for a new season of the game in a long time.

I’ll be up early covering Season 8 so be sure to bookmark this blog and follow me on social media (links below). Thanks! You can watch my playthrough of the live-event over on my Twitch page, and I’ll have a YouTube video up later as well.


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