Forget After Labor Day—I Can’t Wear White Ever Again

Like so many home-bound humans in the spring and summer of 2020, I began to take comfortable clothing very seriously. There was no point in sartorial discomfort, but I still wanted to look and feel at least a little bit stylish. I gravitated towards fun sweat sets I could languish around the house in during the pandemic, and that would possibly lift my spirits with their lively colors and patterns.

I settled on the one you see above from Anna Joyce Design on Etsy (her shop is taking a break but keep an eye out for her return), and when I received the pieces in the mail I thought, hmmm, perhaps I could try my hand at that?

I Googled “ice dye DIY,” ordered supplies, and gathered all the white fabric I could find in my house and ordered more. Before long it was all covered in swoopy swirls of green, yellow, purple and blue. And I think it did improve my mood a little bit.

Nowadays, any white garment that comes under my gaze just seems sad and pointless. Why wear something so devoid of color when I have plenty of dye waiting to liven things up right there in my garage?

If you feel the same way, but perhaps aren’t up for the DIY version, there are plenty of artisans out in the world still creating joyful, colorful pieces to get you through the rest of this year. Her are a few of my favorites.


Mira Blackman started out using vintage fabric from West Africa to create beautiful one of a kind garments, which she still does, but during the pandemic she began making ice-dye garments for her baby son (and now she has a brand new one, too!). Family and friends soon inquired how they could get their own, and another branch of her business was launched. The organic sweatshirt in Dawn is pictured above, and matching pants will be restocked this weekend!

Look for unexpected color combinations on blazers, cropped sweatshirts, kimonos, robes and more.

This shop is chock full of brightly colored, hand-dyed sweaters, sweatshirts and socks ready to keep you warm this fall.

Visit this shop for the coolest selection of ice-dyed coveralls and overalls. They also carry the requisite sweats sets and have created some of the chicest color combinations I’ve seen.

STATE The Label’s skirts, tops, jumpers and undies are hand-painted with bright pops of color.

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