Dr. Gabbay’s Road to Becoming A Plastic Surgeon

Regarded as one of the best plastic surgeons in the world, it is hard to picture Dr. Gabbay in another profession. Growing up, he imagined his future career looking a lot different than what it is today. Through trial and tribulation, Dr. Gabbay finally discovered what he was meant to do.

Recalling his life-long goal of becoming an architect like his father, Dr. Gabbay shares: “I took architecture classes in high school and fondly remember the long conversations I would have with my dad about it.” He did not, however, hold this dream for long; eventually coming to the realization that he enjoyed the art of architecture more than the actual practice.

Confused, but eager to attend college, Dr. Gabbay enrolled in the University of California San Diego as a molecular biology major with an art minor. He admits of his selected major, “the decision was a little arbitrary,” but as he continued his studies in this field, his love for medicine continued to grow.

As a student at UCSD, Dr. Gabbay made a point of working at the Salk Institute due to his early fascination with Jonas Salk and his contributions to conquering polio. While there, he worked under Tony Hunter, described by Gabbay as “a visionary and unconventional molecular biologist who discovered the tyrosine kinase receptor… critical in the control of cancer.” His work with Hunter reinforced his passion for molecular biology. Dr. Gabbay continued on his path in medicine at UCSD and later enrolled in Virginia Commonwealth University’s medical school.

As a medical student, Dr. Gabbay slowly crystallized career choice. First, he decided that he wanted to pursue a career in surgery due to its hands-on nature and immediate results. Then, he chose to specialize in plastic surgery.

Dr. Gabbay discusses his reason for choosing this direction: “It is a specialty that is based in human anatomy… Something I’ve always loved. I would always say ‘you can play with anatomy in plastic surgery.’ More than that, I loved that inherent to the field was creative problem-solving. In plastic surgery, there is rarely only one way to address a situation. It was all about finding the right solution for each problem.”

After graduating from medical school, Dr. Gabbay started his professional career in medicine. His real-life experience in the field and contributions to groundbreaking research solidified his career choice and helped him to gain significant and helpful experience.

In 2011, Dr. Gabbay completed his training as a plastic surgeon at UCLA. There, he was able to interact with some of the top plastic surgeons. “I learned of the most innovative techniques and was exposed to the true cutting edge of plastic surgery,” he said.

Naturally, Dr. Gabbay then went on to open a private practice in Beverly Hills – the capital of plastic surgery. Here, he really came into his own, forming his brand and enhancing his techniques to ensure clients were getting the best treatment possible.

As his practice grows, Dr. Gabbay continues to develop his identity further and enhance his practices. He emphasizes communication and transparency to deliver the best possible results. Dr. Gabbay places client satisfaction and comfortability at the forefront of his practice: “I feel that the patient experience is key to success. I have developed a practice where my patients are comfortable from their first encounter with us along the entire process and beyond.”

No road to success is straightforward, and Dr. Gabbay’s journey is a perfect example. Each of his experiences along the way have aided him in discovering his dream occupation. The impact he has on clients and the industry today is truly remarkable.

The Tycoon Herald