Cynthia Nixon Says Chris Noth Was Cut Out Of ‘And Just Like That’ Finale


Cynthia Nixon, star of Sex and The City and its spin-off, And Just Like That, told Entertainment Tonight that actor Chris Noth was cut out of the show’s finale after sexual assault allegations were leveled against him, which he has denied. 

Key Facts

Nixon, who plays Miranda Hobbes in the original show and the new iteration, and also serves as an executive producer on And Just Like That, told Entertainment Tonight it was “lucky that those changes were able to be made.” 

Nixon said producers didn’t want viewers to be “distracted from the fictional characters,” including Willie Garson, who played Stanford and died in September from pancreatic cancer.

Noth, who played Carrie Bradshaw’s love interest Mr. Big on both shows and was killed off in the first And Just Like That episode before the allegations came to light, was accused of sexual assault by two women, which the actor called “categorically false.”

Forbes has reached out to HBO for comment.

Key Background

Two women separately came forward to the Hollywood Reporter in a report published in December about similar experiences they had with Noth. One woman identified as Zoe said Noth assaulted her in LA in 2004 and another identified as Lily said the actor assaulted her in New York City in 2015. The actor is not publicly facing a criminal probe into the allegations. Two weeks ago, sources close to production told several outlets including TV LineEntertainment Tonight and Variety that a reappearance of Noth’s character was cut out of the final episode, which will air on February 3. Mr. Big’s on-screen death garnered headlines after the character was shockingly killed off by having a heart attack after riding a Peloton bike. Days before the allegations came to light, the actor appeared in a viral ad for the indoor cycling company, which was pulled shortly after the accounts were published. Noth was also dropped from his CBS series The Equalizer, the network said, after the allegations surfaced. 

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