Apple Reveals Massive MacBook Air Surprise

While those looking for ultimate power have the option of Apple’s larger-screened MacBook, consumers looking for a solid all-round MacBook Air larger than the current 13-inch display don’t have an option. That looks set to change.

Apple has danced around a 15-inch MacBook Air for more than ten years, with documents disclosed during the Apple vs Epic trial suggesting that a 15-inch Air was going to complement the 2008 13-inch base model, rather than the smaller 11-inch model that was eventually launched.

More recently, Apple watcher Mark Gurman suggested that a 15-inch MacBook Air was under consideration for a 2021 release. Given the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, coupled with disruption in the supply chain and a global shortage of silicon chips, perhaps this was more an ambition than an actual launch.

Nevertheless the chatter around a larger MacBook Air is, ahem, in the air, and the chatter is getting louder this week. New details from the Display Supply Chain Consultants quarterly suggest Apple is preparing its consumer laptop to receive larger screens.

The question of what exact size remains a touch unclear. The old Apple would no doubt have covered off the 15-inch MacBook Pro with a MacBook Air, but with the latest large MacBook Pro laptops having 14-inch or 16-inch screens, which size Apple will jump to is a curious question.


At least the other big question has already been answered. Even if Apple does update the MacBook Air later this year to accommodate the new M2 ARM-based Apple Silicon, the larger MacBook Air isn’t turning up until 2023.

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The Tycoon Herald