7 Ways BTS’s Suga Made Hot 100 History With His Latest Solo Hit Single

Last week, the loftiest debut on the Hot 100 came from Juice WRLD and Suga, whose joint promotional single “Girl of My Dreams” opened at No 29 on the all-encompassing list of the most-consumed songs in the U.S. The moment Billboard announced its position, the tune made history in quite a few fashions for the featured musician and BTS performer, proving his popularity and power with one quick smash.

Here are seven ways Suga made history on the Hot 100 when “Girl of My Dreams” debuted.

Second Solo K-Pop Musician To Chart A Top 40 Hit

It might be somewhat difficult to believe, but only two solo male musicians who are known for making K-pop art have landed a top 40 hit on the Hot 100. Suga is the second, and he follows in the massive footsteps of Psy. The barrier-breaking artist collected a trio of smashes that landed in the region during his heyday, with “Gangnam Style,” “Gentleman” and “Hangover” with Snoop Dogg all reaching the area.

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Fifth K-Pop Musician To Chart A Top 40 Hit

Expanding beyond only soloists, Suga became just the fifth K-pop musical act of any kind to hit the top 40 on the Hot 100 when “Girl of My Dreams” debuted. In addition to Psy, the star joined Blackpink, Pinkfong and of course his own band BTS in this feat.


Second Solo Male K-Pop Musician To Chart Several Hits

Looking at the entire Hot 100 and not only the important top 40 region, it’s clear that Suga is just the second solo male K-pop artist to land on the chart more than once. He first hit the tally in 2020 with his own single “Daechwita,” which was released under his alter ego moniker Agust D and which peaked at No. 76. Four songs by Psy—“Gangnam Style,” “Gentleman,” “Hangover” with Snoop Dogg and “Daddy” with CL—all appeared on the list for at least one frame.

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Fourth Solo K-Pop Musician To Chart Several Hits

Two male soloists from the K-pop field have reached the Hot 100 several times, and just as many women working on their own have done the same. CL’s “Daddy” (fronted by Psy) and her tune “Lifted” both narrowly broke onto the weekly ranking a number of years ago, making her the first solo female K-pop artist to land more than one hit on the roster. In 2021, she was joined in this feat by Lisa of the band Blackpink, whose first two solo releases “Lalisa” and “Money” both reached the tally.

Second-Most Hits Among K-Pop Solo Musicians

Psy leads the way among all K-pop solo artists in terms of the number of hits they’ve sent to the Hot 100, as four of his singles have appeared somewhere on the list. Suga is now on the same level as the aforementioned Lisa and CL for the second-most Hot 100 hits, when focusing only on non-groups.

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Fourth-Most Hits Among K-Pop Musicians

Taking into account solo musicians and bands in the K-pop arena, Suga’s second hit helps him tie with two other stars for the fourth-most Hot 100 appearances among his colleagues. He matched both Lisa and CL with two placements, and they’re all in fourth place together. BTS is in a distant first with 23 Hot 100-charting singles, which puts them far ahead of the runner-up, Blackpink, who have thus far scored seven placements. Psy is in third with four wins.

Fourth-Highest-Charting Hit By A K-Pop Solo Musician

Once it debuted at No. 29, “Girl of My Dreams” rewrote the ranking of the highest-charting songs by K-pop soloists in Hot 100 history, instantly becoming the fourth-loftiest tune. Psy’s “Gangnam Style” (No. 2), “Gentleman” (No. 5) and his Snoop Doog collaboration “Hangover” (No. 26) all lifted higher than the Juice WRLD/Suga smash during their time on the list. Before the newest tune of that bunch arrived, Blackpink member Rosé claimed the fourth-loftiest win among K-pop soloists, as her release “On the Ground” peaked at No. 70. Now, that cut has been demoted slightly to fifth place.

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