12 Novel Ways To Attract And Engage Potential Real Estate Clients

With demand for flexible leasing and accommodation options growing, the desires and expectations of real estate clients are pushing the industry in new directions. To keep up in a changing world, real estate professionals have to be willing to do something new to continually attract new clients. 

Moving away from traditional methods can be challenging for real estate professionals when there’s no guarantee their efforts will bear fruit. To help, the members of Forbes Biz Council below share unorthodox ways real estate professionals can attract the attention of potential clients and effectively engage with them. 

1. Be Authentic

The goal in any business is to attract the right clients. The more authentic you are, the easier it will be for the right clients to find you. Every marketing strategy works, but the one that brings results is the one you do. Showing up and being who you are is your greatest and most unique asset. – Michelle Risi, Royal LePage Connect Realty

2. Personalize Each Interaction

Staying in touch with clients has become much easier in the last few years as social media strategies have evolved and frequent email blast announcements are commonplace. The benefit of this high-tech, frequent messaging is high-touch personal interaction. The power of a handwritten note or a phone call can’t be underestimated, and it cements a relationship in a much stronger, more durable way. – Corey Burr, TTR Sotheby’s International Realty

3. Attend To Each Client’s Individual Preferences

Actively listen to their true needs and find a creative way to help them achieve their goals. Treating every client as a unique person with individual preferences is key to providing exceptional service. It makes you stand out while showing you will cater to their specific skill set. A way to help a client is often revealed in how they’ve generally approached life. Let them share! – Pam Scamardo, TPK Properties LLC


4. Continually Adapt Your Social Media Strategy

Throughout this year, our team has put more attention into TikTok as an advertising tactic. We have been pleasantly surprised at the reach and engagement of our TikTok ads, especially for very high-end real estate. It is not just for 15-second funny videos; TikTok is quickly becoming an important ingredient in the digital marketing recipe. – Aaron Galvin, Luxury Living Chicago Realty

5. Film Social Media Endorsements

Attracting new clients is essential, and social media is one of our most cost-effective tools. As real estate agents, we have an opportunity to film endorsements from actual clients and share them on multiple social media platforms. The effect of seeing real people in their new homes, crediting you with getting them there, can help potential clients decide you are “the one” before you ever meet. – Tara Hotchkis, Compass

6. Exceed Expectations

Give way more value than expected. Anybody can send inventory and listings, but few take the time to really educate potential clients on what’s going on in a specific area or why they feel it’s a good time to buy or sell. It does not take much, but if you give free, in-depth guidance to prospects, they will be eager to see what you can do for them as an actual client. – Jim Brooks, The Brooks Team – EXP Realty

7. Create Personalized Videos

A personalized video is such a creative and eye-catching way to attract the attention of new clients. Video doesn’t have to be complicated to be successful; simply calling out a client by name in a follow-up video that uses information you’ve learned about them or something personal relevant to them as an individual will truly stand out and catch their attention. – Matt Weirich, Realync

8. Offer Professional Knowledge Through Webinars

Teach! One area where real estate professionals excel but rarely capitalize on is their professional knowledge. Many want to withhold this specific knowledge until after the client is engaged. However, sharing knowledge prior to the engagement helps professionals establish themselves as thought leaders. Offering a monthly webinar that answers prospective clients’ frequently asked questions is a good place to start. – Sherman Ragland, The Realinvestors®️ Academy, LLC

9. Provide Different Kinds Of Value

To continually attract new clients, real estate professionals must provide value beyond their professional expertise. For example, help your clients meet new prospects, win new business opportunities or help someone in their family. Ask yourself the following question: “All things considered equal, what makes my business friends keep me top of mind as compared to my competitors?” – Richard Lackey, City Commercial Real Estate, Inc.

10. Create Community Video Tours

Everybody does video tours, so be different by also creating neighborhood and community video tours. Feature a drive through the area to show what’s close by. Review top restaurants, events and shopping places. That’s what new clients would love to see, but it’s tough to find online. Become the local expert by providing valued information. It’s a great way to raise your visibility and connect with new clients. – Kevin Hawkins, WAV Group, Inc.

11. Be Transparent

Having total transparency in operations, market and industry research and outlook allow our clients and investors to see what our firm sees in real time. This allows for better communication with no surprises. – Spencer Gray, Gray Capital

12. Tap Into The Human Experience

Be authentic and unafraid to share your personal experiences in your marketing outreach. Not just lifestyle content (exercise, cooking, travel), but the big life challenges you face including health issues, divorce and even death. The shared human experience is one of the most powerful connectors. Set aside your fear of judgement and be as real as possible. – Megan Micco, Compass

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