Today’s ‘Wordle’ Word Of The Day: Monday January 17th Solution

Wordle is taking the word-world by storm. The word puzzle game is simple, elegant and fun.

Better yet, it’s completely ad-free, microtransaction-free and free-to-play. That’s a lot of free!

But this game isn’t about making millions. Creator Josh Wardle isn’t in it for the money. He made the game as a pandemic gift for his wife.

“I don’t want Wordle to be my full-time job, but I don’t want to invest in it or do any of that stuff. I’m very happy with where it’s at,” Wardle told TechCrunch. “I think that if [venture funding] were to happen, it would be more in the context of being an artist with a patron or something like that.”

The Rules

The rules are simple. Each day you need to guess a new five-letter word. The game gives you six rows with five boxes in each row. You start by entering a five-letter word.

If any letters in that word are correct, they’ll turn green (for the right letter in the right spot) or yellow (for the right letter in the wrong spot). Incorrect letters are greyed out.

You’ll need to use guesswork, vocabulary skills and your puzzling acumen to solve each word. A little luck goes a long way also. Using common letters like “E” and “S” never hurts, but doesn’t guarantee success, either.

If you can’t guess the word or are just curious how other people came to the answer, read on.

But first, a hint:


Silver-tongued wizards are enamored with its pipe-weed industry.

Monday January 17th Wordle Word Of The Day Solution

I love this Wordle word of the day! SHIRE!

As you can see, I snagged three correct letters in the wrong spots on my first guess (which incorporated lots of common letters like E and S) and then lucked out with proper placement in the second guess thanks to some good old fashioned common sense.

I guessed SCORE after SPARE but neither C or O was right, so I wracked my brain for other five-letter words that start with S and end with RE. Only U and I remained for vowels and then the Lord of the Rings fan in me had a revelation. Could it be SHIRE?

And yes, indeed, the home of the Hobbits and the start of many an adventure with dwarves and elves and wizards turned out to be the right answer. Now I want to go read some Tolkien.

You can see yesterday’s Wordle word of the day solution right here. And be sure to follow me on this blog for daily Wordle answers! Happy MLK Day!

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