Today’s Wordle #506 Hint, Clues And Answer For Monday, November 7th

Oh hey, it’s Monday. Look at that. The weekend went by in a bit of a blur and I only got a quarter of what I wanted to achieve done. At least things warmed up around here and the snow has melted, though it looks like more moisture in the near future.

I’m officially calling this time of year Gloaming now. Autumn seems to have passed a little early, but winter is still a ways off. So Gloaming will do as that in-between season where it’s not really fall or winter, but a time of chilling.

Oh and Daylight Savings Time is back since Congress hasn’t moved to end that nonsense. Of course, if you’re an Arizonan like me you never have to worry about that, though it can be confusing trying to remember that everyone else is now on a different time, especially when (again, like me) you work with people on the East Coast a lot.

Alright, Wordle time! (But think “hammer time” from U Can’t Touch This by M.C. Hammer when you say that in your head.)

Today’s Wordle Solution & Guide (w/Spoilers!)

The Hint: Alpha rather than omega.


The Clue: Unlike yesterday, Wordle Bot’s favorite starting word will do you little good today.

The Answer:

I thought, perhaps, that lightning would strike (or very nearly strike) twice and went with another very-similar-to-slate word for my opener today. It was . . . not great. No worse than slate, however, even though Wordle Bot’s second rather lucky guess means that he beat me today. He got his winning guess with a bit of luck: Diner still left him with several potential answers but he still managed to get begin on guess #3.

It took me four. Point slashed the 415 guesses I had remaining from slake down to 20—still a hefty number, but manageable. I guess I was almost on the same page as the Bot because I went with miner next and then I was a bit puzzled as to how to proceed. After some serious letter-juggling I finally came up with begin, and much to my happy surprise that was the answer! Turns out, it was the only possible answer at this point, so I was bound to stumble on it sooner or later (or make some stupid mistake . . . .)

Huzzah for me and huzzah for you! Have a great week, dearest Wordlers!

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