Instagram Accidentally Reveals Massive Design Change

Instagram is planning a radical redesign that could bring dramatic changes to every profile.

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Despite continual changes, one area of Instagram has always remained constant- the personal profile grid. However, this could all be about to change, according to prolific reverse-engineering enthusiast Alessandro Paluzzi, who has found a new “Edit Grid” function hidden within the mobile app.

The Instagram grid currently displays all posts fixed in chronological order, with the newest posts at the top. If you want to draw attention to an older post, you have to repost it or share a direct, perhaps in your stories.

The Edit Grid function, as Paluzzi reveals in a recent tweet, would enable users to drag and drop grid posts into any order they choose. This simple change would open up a number of new possibilities for users.


Photographers and other content creators would be able to showcase their best work at the top of the grid, regardless of the date of posting. It would also facilitate more creative uses of the grid such as sorting posts by color scheme, or arranging individual posts into larger ‘mosaic’-style pictures.

As this feature is currently dormant within the app, presumably under test, there’s no guarantee that it will receive a wider roll-out, although I certainly hope it does.

The news follows an announcement from Instagram head, Adam Mosseri, who recently revealed several upgrades to the instagram home screen, including chronological, and favorites-only feeds.

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