Futures Trading: Reasons to Consider it

Futures trading appeals to some traders because they can take a substantial position (the amount invested) with relatively little cash involved. This provides them with greater leverage than just owning the securities directly.

It is well known that cryptocurrency price fluctuations can be high. Some individuals may be turned off by the frequent price changes in the market, but most traders see volatility as a key to making significant gains.

There is no doubt that crypto derivatives trading are becoming more popular. As more traders take advantage of market volatility, they are earning quick profits regardless of market direction. In fact, the amount of money traded every month is worth trillions while the offering range continues to expand.

Futures traders have the unique occasion to make gains anyhow of the request’s direction. Futures’ investing is available in a variety of markets, including stocks and commodities, but beginners should avoid it.

Crypto Futures Trading: A Basic Overview

In order to fully understand the benefits that these financial products have to offer, traders tend to familiarize themselves with the essential concepts involved in crypto derivatives.

The list below are some terminologies the more experience you have, the closer you will be to becoming a successful crypto derivatives trader. 

1. Leverage

The trap of leverage attracts investors to the futures market, making it extraordinarily capital-efficient.

For example, to shop for 1 BTC immediate market, you’ll want hundreds of dollars.

In contrast, leverage isn’t to be had in spot buying and selling so in case you simplest have one hundred BUSD to your spot wallet, you could simplest have enough money one hundred BUSD really well worth of Bitcoin.

2. Margin Requirements

A preliminary margin is wanted to go right into a futures function. It is the share of futures function’s notional price that should be included through BUSD or some other collateral while the use of a futures buying and selling account.

On the opposite hand, preservation margin refers back to the minimal quantity that buyers want to maintain buying and selling function(s) open. Maintenance margin tests are non-stop and assist in margin usage calculation.

When a trader’s preservation margin restriction is hit, the open function receives liquidated.

3. Funding Rates

Unchanging crypto agreements do not pay like traditional futures contracts. Therefore, exchanges require a system that ensures that index prices and futures prices converge on a regular basis, which is known as the funding rate. Investors will pay or receive funding payments related to positions in the open market, which can have negative effects. For example, funding rates may rise in an overheated bull market, making it costly for traders to hold long positions.

How do futures contracts work?

Futures contracts, which you can easily buy and sell on the exchange, are standardized. Each futures contract will typically specify all of the different parameters of the contract:

  • A unit of measurement.
  • The method by which the trade will be settled – either with physical delivery of goods or with a cash settlement.
  • Quantity of goods to be delivered or covered by the contract.
  • Coin unit in which the agreement is denominated.
  • Futures contracts are quoted in a specific currency.
  • Consideration of grade or quality, when appropriate. For example, be a certain octane of gasoline or a certain purity of the metal.

If you plan to start trading futures, be careful because you don’t want to have to take physical delivery. Most casual traders don’t want to be stuck signing up for a train of hogs when the contract expires and then figuring out what to do with it.

Futures Trading: Pros and Cons

Profitable endeavors like futures trading come with their fair share of pros and cons. Here are the pros and cons of trading these crypto derivatives.


  • Cryptocurrency trading allows you to bet against the market.  You take advantage of both markets long or short directions.
  • Leverage allows traders to gain significant disclosure to support with only a fraction of its total cost.
  • Many traders use futures trading as a hedge against spot markets, which is ideal for any investment portfolio.


  • High volatility in the cryptocurrency markets can be a blessing or a curse for traders because the direction of an asset is not guaranteed. 
  • Disclosure to leverage can lead to substantial failures, extremely for beginner traders who do not implement a solid risk management strategy.

The Bottom Line

Futures have fantastic blessings that lead them to be attractive for all styles of investors speculative or not. However, highly-leveraged positions and big settlement sizes make the investor susceptible to massive losses, even for small actions with inside the market. Thus, one must strategize and do due diligence earlier than buying and selling futures and apprehend each their blessings in addition to their risks.

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