Final Finally Releases Its First Pair Of True Wireless Earphones

It’s been quite a while since the Japanese earphone specialist final released a new pair of earphones, but news reaches me from KS Distribution, that the high-end Japanese earphone maker has just announced its first-ever pair of true wireless earphones – the ZE3000. 

The company prides itself on not making compromises and has taken a long time to come up with some wireless earphones that could offer true hi-fi quality sound without using wires. The engineers at final have spent years researching wireless technology but the limitations of Bluetooth technology have always, until now, meant the sound quality would never satisfy final. 

Recently, developments in Bluetooth technology and the development of a lossless codecs meant that final felt it could finally go wireless with a pair of earphones that the company claims push the boundaries of wireless sound quality.

To create a pair of wireless earphones that audiophiles would want to use, final focused on comfort as well as audio quality. The designers went for a single-driver design instead of a multi-driver setup and created a design that could offer extremely low distortion for maximum audio fidelity. 


To make an earphone with the ideal balance between size and capability, the team stripped out any unnecessary features that might degrade sound quality. A shape was chosen that would be best for handling that had sufficiently robust reception to have the best possible Bluetooth signal and support for a variety of high-quality codecs.

The final ZE3000 uses Bluetooth 5.2 and can handle aptX, aptX Adaptive, AAC, SBC audio codecs. The 6mm f-Core driver was specially developed for wireless use. The earphones have a water-resistance rating of IPX4 and are finished in a premium SHIBO coating in black or white.

Each earphone features touch-sensor controls and there’s up to seven hours of playback time on a single charge. The storage case for the ZE3000 can hold up to 35 hours of battery charge and takes a couple of hours to recharge. Ear tips are provided in sizes ranging from SS, S, M, L, LL.

Pricing & Availability: The final ZE3000 earphones are available immediately and cost £119 / $149 / €119 from Hifiheadphones (UK) and Amazon.

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